The day was listed as a day in the darkroom. Our tutor was Nicolo Giudice. We all assembled for a brief introduction to paper processing and the task of making photograms. (Laying objects on photographic paper and exposing the assembled composition to light). All the students had prepared something, but due to my circumstances of only just joining the course, I had nothing. A quick run around the car park and I had a few objects from which to try to create my image.

The selection of songs we had to chose from as a theme for our photogram included David Bowie’s Changes. It was the first one I recognised from the list so I chose that one.

With few resources in the car park and little time to edit my selection, only the odd piece of litter, dead leaves, twigs etc were available and thus my options were also limited in what I could create from them. None the less my first attempt worked well. Nicolo then suggested we could improve the image by varying the time each object in our photogram was exposed to the paper. After several attempts I arrived at a reasonable result.



2nd attempt

2nd attempt

1st attempt

1st attempt

The session concluded with Nicolo giving critical assessments of our pictures compositionally and whether they fitted the brief. My hurried effort whilst far from finished did manage to convey changes.


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