My chosen music theme for this assignment is ‘Changes’ by David Bowie.

The poster development started with my creation of a mind map. Using this method I started to focus on the type of changes I wanted to detail in my poster.

Mind Map

Although the ‘changes’ song seems more to relate to the changes going on in a persons life and how fighting against that is an up hill struggle that many find difficult, I needed inspiration fast if I was to have any chance of completing this assignment.

I started with the obvious seasonal changes, as this fitted in with my photogram. I found these poster designs on the internet which were along the lines of what I wanted to create.

Poster idea 1

Poster idea 1



I liked them because they were colourful and eye catching and because of that they would all be a good technical exercise to create and expand my skills. In following this idea I know I would be sacrificing a more art interpretation of the song but at this stage of my course new practical skills are more important to me right now, and I’m sure the new way of seeing and interpreting a song such as Changes will come later.

I do stress though, had I had the full time allotment to do this assignment, a deeper art interpretation of the song would most definitely have evolved.


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