I spent the day learning new Photoshop skills. We were set a practice exercise and shown how to draw a grid on a new layer over a chosen photograph. The intention was to try and create the basics of a poster in preparation for our own poster.

Using the layers, grid and stroke tool we learned how to build our grid, change its colour and with the quick mask gradually fade it out. Using the magic wand tool we chose different squares within the grid and using the black and white, or de-saturate tool we made our squares alternately colour or monotone. By using the paint bucket and a new layer we could colour the chosen square, and then either leaving it coloured, or selecting another tool to allow the original image show through but toned in the colour we had selected.

My source photograph I used was one I had taken on holiday in Mexico recently. The shot was of the inside of a Mayan hut, lived in today by the descendants of those ancient and mysterious people. I chose the picture because of its range of colours, tones and textures and also because I felt the shot would also work in black and white.

My first experiments went well, mainly as I have a basic knowledge of Photoshop already, but I am not beyond learning something new, and in Photoshop there is always another and better way of doing the same thing.

I am pleased with my final result although I do feel its a little overdone. Adding text in a font that had a  ‘Mexican’ feel I think adds to the final effect, but I’ll be the first to admit the essence of the original image is getting lost in all the grid and squares and effects. I may use some of the effects I learned in making this poster in the one I have to create so as a learning exercise I am happy with my first effort.Screen Shot 2013-11-05 Mexico poster5 Mexico poster5

Mexico poster1

DSC_8846 colour Black and white Screen Shot 2013-11-05


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