CS6 is the latest version of photoshop that I had the chance to explore in Anna’s lessons. The layout differed in several ways from my most ancient of versions that I had been blissfully using for years. In no time at all I had concluded that CS6 was the way to go. Once I had got used to my new Mac, (an ongoing study) I know there would be no stopping me.

Minutes later I was re sizing the grid tool and creating all manner of effects and layers. The first test project was a poster, see my Mexican poster article in this blog site for details of how this was created.

As the week progressed we started to explore Adobe Illustrator. This was a whole new programme to me and by careful experimentation vector objects of all different shapes began to emerge. I learned how to write text inside the objects, shade them, duplicate the objects and all manner of professionally looking effects. One such application turned a photo into a vector. I tried the effect on one of my Luton Hell pictures. The effect was interesting and I concluded to experiment with this effect further in my final poster design. Illustrator was different to photoshop but in many ways it was similar. Many of the tools were the same, the layout was basically the same so navigating around this fabulous programme was fairly easy. By comparison and experimentation I found a similar effect in the cutout tool in Photoshop.


The last session covered Adobe In Design, another new programme. The similarity between this and an old version of Microsoft publisher was very obvious to me within just a few minutes. I had used publisher many years ago and In Design worked in very similar ways. Designing a book is simple. Making the design look good, thats hard. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Book Layout


Book Layout2




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