My assignment was to create an album of everyone in my class. The task was complicated by my joining the course late and then for the first few days trying to work out who was who. Many of the sessions I had joined were with graphics and fine art students as well as Photography Video Art. By the end of the second week though my PVA buddies had identified themselves and along with some new friends from fine art and graphic art, I asked them to pose for this assignment.

During an informal chat in a PAL’s session, Megan decided we should call ourselves the PVA Pirates. Everyone loved this suggestion and so my initial thought for the motif for the assignment was to somehow make reference to this name. Keeping things simple I decided a pirate’s hat would be appropriate. This would aid my subjects to re connect with the fun PAL’s session the day before and allow them also to either imitate a pirate or just wear the hat as they chose.

All posed one at a time in the Mac room, using the bare wall as a backdrop with the light from the window providing the only light source. To try and make the photographs look similar I asked them to appear serious in at least one frame as some were pulling faces others were smiling. A serious expression also more closely matched Thomas Ruff’s portraits.

The images were retouched only lightly in that the background had blemishes which distracted the eye. These were removed with the clone tool in photoshop.

Assembling the 9 portraits into a 3 x 3 square seemed to me to be the logical way to display them. Naming the students is my next task as I still haven’t had chance to learn everyone’s name yet and all this week I’m working with another group.

PVA - Pirates1


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