Having now produced my 12 photographs, (see parts one and two of this assignment) the second task was to produce a poster advertising one thing that other students maybe interested in.

A couple of years ago I was involved with a live music event at the HAT Factory in Bute Street, Luton. My role in the event was to film and photograph a number of bands performing live and produce for them publicity shots and footage of them playing.

Using the original stills of both the venue and the bands that I took during this project I have put together a poster as per task two of this assignment.

The elements in the poster that I wanted to include were: an outside shot of the venue, the venue logo, the venue address and at least one still of a performing band. Lastly I wanted some form of banner to fully describe the type of events that the venue hosts.

To make the venue (an old hat factory – hence the name), appear a bit more attractive, I used the cut out tool to remove the sky around the building and added in an attractive sunset from my stock collection of images. I also posterised the shot as I felt something that appeared more ‘comic book’ might appeal to a younger audience.

To try and boost its appeal more I created a new layer and traced the edge of the building in red using the paint brush tool and used a brush that added a soft edge. I then used the hue and saturation tool to boost this red outline to the maximum, attempting to give the red outline a ‘neon’ type glow. Lastly I copied the Hat Factory sign on the side of the building and enlarged it to match the height of this part of the poster, displaying this on the left. This was to show what sign to look out for.

I then added in a stock photo taken by me of a band playing at the venue and a foot note slogan “The place for live music”. To add a showman style to the font I used one called Hollywood. Lastly I added in a larger version of the venue logo to fill in the space to the side of the building which otherwise appear empty.

The final draft of this poster is shown below.

HAT Factory Poster 1


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