This was a roller coaster ride of fun, with very much a serious side. Paul, our tutor had us playing all kinds of communication games in an effort to relax us into the art of presenting and promoting.

From hand clapping games to the brilliant ‘Uh – mmm’ game, each idea was delivered with Paul joining in the fun.

We learned about the different ways a person communicates

Hero – the action man approach. Much of Paul’s delivery was in this style in that he was mobile,   used his hands to emphasise his speech and gave plenty of eye contact.

King – The authoritative approach. The king is very much ‘in command’ but can be taken as dictatorial as after all a King has to be obeyed.

Innocent – This approach is more about what other people think. The complete opposite to King.

Mother – Not gender specific but warm, caring, friendly and assuring.

Trickster – This involves a employing a method to distract or wow the audience, taking their attention in a direction they weren’t expecting.

Joker – Delivering your speech in a humorous way, works well if you’re a good comedian, but as most of us aren’t this is one to avoid…

The next day we had the chance to tell a success story and a disaster story and try and invent a headline from the Sun and one from the Times to capture the story’s essence. Not as easy as you think.

I told my story of my journey to Uni and my eventual place on this course, a journey that has taken me over 25 years.

My friend Ekadasi told the story of her disastrous skiing trip.

Both stories were very well received from both the class and Paul, although our headlines fell short of what Paul was expecting.

We learned that in every opportunity to present and promote EPIC was the key word

Evaluate, Predict, Imagine, Connect

Engage, Persuade, Inform, Challenge

Energy, Passion, Inspiration, Confidence

Pauls advice for us was put simply

Be authentic

Create a framework for your delivery

Chose one or many Archetypes

Create Belief

Make connections with your audience

Use both Information and Artistic Persuasion

Instinct and Rational thinking drives our perception

Use the EPIC model

Control the Risk Equation

Structure your presentation, power of three – past present future etc.

Present and Promote class with Paul Bourne

Present and Promote class with Paul Bourne

Group 2  Success and Failure stories!

Group 2
Success and Failure stories!

Our last task is to deliver a two minute presentation on ourselves.

I chose a link to my past, present and future to form the structure around my presentation. The link was a prop, and the prop was my very first old and now very battered camera. The talk started with the camera hidden inside a box leaving the audience guessing what was inside. The reveal had them all hooked! I told the story of this first camera and the adventures that followed, the holidays, the camps, the hikes and the mountains I climbed with this old camera, my constant companion.

The camera was retired after dropping it on Mount Snowden and nearly losing it over a 1000 foot drop.

It sits today in my work room, on a shelf next to my computer, a constant reminder of those happy adventure filled days and now acts as a trigger for my inspiration and creativity.

The presentation was received positively and the feedback was excellent. We identified I used KING, HERO, JOKER, TRICKSTER, with touches of MOTHER thrown in. The best complement came from Mo who told me my presentation was EPIC in all areas.


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