After so many years of waiting here I was at the University of Bedfordshire for three years and about to study a BA in Photography and Video Art. The last minute switch in courses from the scrapped Foundation Degree at Dunstable to the BA at Luton, found me three and half weeks behind everyone else and struggling to take it all in. Just being in the right place at the right time was the first obstacle, being correctly prepared for the lesson was another and blogging was most definitely new ground..

Never in my life have I been so high and so low at the same time! I was so high because I was fulfilling a dream, so low because the volume of work to do in two and a half weeks seemed impossible. I also felt I was climbing up this ‘Everest’ with only a tourist map.

Over the next few days more detail appeared, select a piece of music, create a photogram, produce a poster.  The key bit I’d somehow missed was that all three were to be combined!

Produce a classroom Typology also sounded fun to do…..if only I could find out who else was in my class and what a Typology was. Playing catch up meant I was grabbing key sessions with which ever group were doing them at the time. Photograms with graphics students, present and promote with fashion and architecture students and Creative Suite finally with my fellow PVA students – a brilliant bunch!

Resilience and determination were characteristics I always believed I possessed, now I feel I’ve added to that over the last 14 days with improved communication skills, new research skills, Mac operating skills, Adobe In Design, Illustrator and CS6 skills to name but a few.

Time has been a key element for me to manage which I tried to achieve by setting myself clear daily goals. The balance between studying and down time being the most difficult to get right as the workload included learning how to blog, learning the library system, learning how to use BREO and learning my way around a MAC all of which stole hours of assignment time.

There have been many highs over the last 14 days some of which are: getting to know the other students, the communication skills lessons with Paul and the great help and support I’ve had from many I’ve met not forgetting Orin who sorted out my non functioning e mail account for me.

As for the lows I could have perhaps had a bit more introduction time as this would have helped focus me to the essential tasks in the assignments with all the boundaries made clear. Not knowing how it all linked together until after I had started (I didn’t get the ART002-1 brief until a week after I had started it), meant opportunities and time were wasted unnecessarily.  The plus side to this though was that I had to ask around which made me new friends.

The last 14 days have been great; I am finally starting to enjoy being a student. I will be a lot happier when the first assignments are in and I can start to act on the feedback I know will be coming.

“Bring it on”.


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