Today was my first attempt at this art form and as a class we were tasked with gathering a plethora of printed material from which to construct our montage images. One of the items we had to collect was to purchase a book from a charity shop. The selection from the Salvation Army shop in the Mall was limited. A book on New York caught my eye and as the book covered all aspects of New Yorkers and their city.

America is a country of contrasts, from incredible landscapes, to their obsession with fast food, from their humanitarian aid contrasting with their obsession with guns.

Searching for a theme to link a small series of experimental montages I focussed on these and other contrasts of this ecliptic country. Extracting suitable text and images from my gathered ‘litter’ and finding matches and thus making a statement on an aspect of American life or history was not an easy task, but as this was an experimental  exercise I was willing to try a broad range of ideas.

My results are as follows.

Montage 1 Montage 2 Montage 3


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