We were tasked to pick three artists who have produced good examples of Montage work. After examining the work of many artists the first of my selection is Nicolas Lampert.

Nicolas’s work stands out for me for his clever merging of insect pictures with machine pictures. To me there has always been something mechanical about insects due in part perhaps to their exo skeletons. To merge images of insects with early mechanical devices from World War 1 is truly inspiring. The insect bodies feel as if they have been created for battle, theirs is a battle to survive long enough to reproduce, and when blended with a WW1 tank itself created for battle the war machine takes on a whole new persona – an insect cyborg!


My second artist is Melinda Gibson. Her images are of people but in her montages she has removed the person so all we are left with is their outline. The gap that has been left has been filled with landscape scenes that seem to say something of the ‘missing person’ . In one picture the person has been replaced by images of snow covered branches and the inside of a flooded house. Perhaps the image is telling us the story of why she is missing..


My third montage artist is the creator of the film ‘La Jetee’, Chris Marker. We watched this unique film in our film club, and I was most impressed. Using only black and white photography La Jetee tells the story of a time traveller from the future who tries to change the past. The film relies on a commentary to tell us the story but illustrates what is happening with the stills. After a short while I forgot I was watching still images and became absorbed into the story. This technique of linking still images by video is something I am considering for my assignment on Montages.



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