Most of the studio work I’ve done to date has been fairly simple set ups. White background lit by two flash heads and the subject evenly lit by two more flash heads with soft boxes.

Fashion shoot diagram

To challenge myself I persuaded a few friends to dress up in medieval costumes for me to photograph them in a studio under more imaginative lighting conditions.

The following three photographs were taken with a mixture of flash and tungsten lights. The light from the flash was bounced back into the dark areas of the face using two large white polystyrene sheets adding a little fill and allowing more detail to be seen in the face. The second sheet acted as a light baffle and prevented the flash light from affecting the background. The white background was lit by a 1000watt tungsten lamp with barn doors fitted allowing me to narrow down the light. The camera was set to a shutter speed of 2seconds which created two effects. Firstly the flash would trigger correctly illuminating the subject. The 2 second exposure would allow more of the tungsten light spill to be recorded and the slight movements of the model created an unusual dark outline.

Warrior lighting diagram

The style and method described above perfectly suited the mood of the images which were meant to be dark and threatening.






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