This book was a much easier read in that it was sectioned into bite size relevant pieces akin to a selection of different cakes. Each cake (topic) has its merits, its characteristics and its appearance but at the same time can still be compared to the rest of the selection and appears to offer little bias.

By breaking the book down in this way Cottons book becomes a much easier read than Sontags intensely deep analysis of the photographic world. Cotton has tried to carefully select images for the book which illustrate the genre being discussed, obviously a personal selection, but has in most cases allowed the novice photography art student to grasp the essence each of the subjects on offer.

Much more time though is required to absorb this book as many of the featured artists require further research to fully understand their appearance in the book as many are virtual unknowns and judgements are difficult to make based on one selected image.

To give credit though Cotton does use good examples to demonstrate the Art – Photography approach being discussed and her section on story telling in a photograph used images which illustrated the dialogue very well.

art photo now


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