In assembling this appropriation video I accepted that the primary source of material was going to be You Tube.

There are several You Tube to MP4 converters available on Google and all appeared to work in converting the You Tube films into a format I could edit in my Magix Movie Edit Pro Premium programme, the principle editing software I’ve been using for a few years now. The converted films were of a poor resolution mainly due to the old video format they were recorded in.

Edit screen

There were surprisingly few recorded interviews of Susan Sontag available on You Tube, and even in the ones I found she was very guarded about what she said, even denying to the interviewer on a few occasions when she was quoted protesting that she ‘didn’t say that’, to avoid having to justify her own words perhaps.

In editing the appropriated video I wanted Sontag to criticise her own work, which started with a task of listening intently to the interview dialogue looking for words I could extract and reassemble. There were a few words Sontag appeared to avoid saying such as ‘they’ and ‘don’t’ but eventually she did say the few words I wanted to reassemble.

Her trademark white quiff had been ridiculed and copied by cartoonists and celebrities over the years to the extent that in the last interview she gave, her hair was a uniform black. As I wanted to use the white quiff this interview was discarded visually although I still may use some of the audio.


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