With access to a small scout campsite and therefore trees some of which have been de – branched ready for felling (they are becoming unsafe due to rotting from the inside and not de branched specifically for this assignment), I set out to photograph my bandaged tree.

The bandages I knew would not cover the entire trunk but as time is a factor and climbing the trunk to wrap it entirely in bandages would have been preferable, it was I felt unwise to attempt this without the support of a small team of experienced tree climbers and the right kit, neither of which was available.

My search for a miniature example of the trunk to photograph failed as the branch bark pattern was slightly different to the tree and although once wrapped in bandages may not be noticeable, the effect of a full grown tree wrapped in bandages was I felt a better approach.

I decided that if I wrapped about 4 feet of the lower trunk and then photographed it from every angle I might be able to use Photoshop by cutting and pasting the remainder of the trunk with versions of the lower section. A variety of shots used would mean it shouldn’t look manipulated. This last task has yet to be attempted.



Having now obtained my gas mask I needed to take a photo of me wearing it. Taking this shot under the same lighting conditions meant that it would match. Setting the D7000 on a tripod and focussing on a tree stump I set the camera to ‘timer’ and then stood in front wearing the mask.


To ensure that everyone would know it was me, I wore the same clothes that my classmates have seen me in. I asked a few friends the question, “If you couldn’t see my face how would you know it was me?” Apparently my coat and scarf instantly make me recognisable.


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