The silent movie era was pioneering. So many cinematic lessons were learned in those formative years with the advances in technology we rarely look back. Morgan Tipping has looked back. She has made a short video expressing modern day issues in the style of Charlie Chaplin and Laurel and Hardy.

In her observations of the plight of the poorly paid in London a conclusion was reached. Not all those who work in London can afford to work or live there. Using Chaplin’s methods for duality, Tipping’s modern Chav-esque character camps out in a patch of waste ground and then magically the tent becomes the characters costume. The short film  deserves a sequel if not a series as Tipping’s film makes hard comments on our modern ‘get rich’ society with surgical efficiency and a keen wit.

Her other work includes creating a box filled with onions to evoke tears when a person inserted their head into the box opening, unaware they were being filmed from inside as they did so. Playing these tearful movie portraits to dramatic opera music gave a fake purpose for the tears and was this made the film strangely amusing.

Another film challenging the stereo type that women can’t reverse vehicles was humorously demonstrated as the artist attempted to reverse a tractor across a field – eventually.

Morgan also has painted and on a residency in India appropriated amateur mobile phone images then used them as a sketch book for a painting.


Overall I found her work interesting and inspirational and her blend of serious messages tinged with humour I found most engaging.


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