Working over several evenings I took the draft Susan Sontag appropriated video and modified the edit to make it flow better. This included the creation of a several text slides in order that I could illustrate a particular audio speech by Susan, in that as she said a word the same word in text would appear on the screen.

I also added a few audio pauses and added in a picture of Jonny Depp (with white streak in his hair) and a big question mark, indicating he was questioning what Susan Sontag has just said in the audio. I also added a still of David Tennant as Doctor Who as he said ‘What?’ adding the word to the picture to help communicate this. This still was inserted into the edit again as Susan Sontag made a long winded comment.

On one still I wanted to portray a humorous “end it all” slide, so I chose a photograph of a man pretending to shoot himself. To make a ‘Sontag’ connection I manipulated the photo by adding a white streak in his hair.

979b a

All the remaining photos were of various famous people including Zayn Malik from One Direction also sporting a white streak in his hair.

The finished video is below.

The purpose of the video was to socially comment on the writers impact on art students. Her book ‘On photography’ is not an easy read for students as much of the content appears at times to contradict itself which becomes all the more confusing when trying to understand her views. This video was born out of my frustration in trying to grasp the concepts and comments she made in the book and at times I failed.

A new documentary film about her has just been finished:  http://www.featureshoot.com/2015/02/new-susan-sontag-documentary-sheds-light-on-her-love-affair-with-images/



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