The cut up assignment involves manipulating an image or series of images by physically altering the image to create a new meaning. This may involve cutting or scraping the actual surface of the photograph, or it may mean adding another image on top of or underneath the original.

Research for this assignment involved identifying a number of images by different artists and selecting techniques and subject matters that could be blended with a new idea drawn from one of the images.

Artists chosen included the images selected are below.

1 John Stekazer

3 melinda_gibson_01



My initial idea was drawn from the images relating to the environment created by me last year and this year. The series of montage images showing derelict industrial sites for the Reinvention assignment, the derelict loft for Lonely Landscapes and the Self Portrait Performance assignment of a dying planet called ‘Paradise Lost’.

In the sample image I took one of my black and white images taken in Denmark of a church. I chose it because the sky was full of dark clouds creating threatening feeling, contrasted by the white walls of the church. Using photoshop I removed the building and layered a brightly coloured natural landscape underneath, paying particular attention to the horizon levels ensuring that they lined up. This I hoped would give a feeling of a window through time showing the scene as it might have been before the church was built.

9 Mock

The feedback from the first crit session was encouraging, and therefore I intend to use more recognisable buildings in a similar way, offering a possible view of the landscape as it used to be before the building was created.


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