The Artist Robert Good is a Cambridge Graduate who gave us a realistic presentation of life after graduation.

His comments on the life of an artist post graduation opened with the comment, ‘Once you have your degree, nothing happens’. His remarks served to make the point that your career stumbles if you don’t take control and make it happen.



Taking matters into his own hands he began promoting himself and encouraging other artists to group together to ‘get art  moving’. Robert Good is an artist and writer based in Cambridge, where he studied his Masters in Fine Art at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University in 2011. He is an associate artist at Aid&Abet and the 2011 winner of the Searle Award for Creativity. (The annual Searle Award for Creativity, initiated by the great artist and alumnus Ronald Searle, aims to recognise excellence in any artistic discipline and is open to all students in Cambridge School of Art. Every year, the chosen theme reflects an aspect of Searle’s wide-ranging artistic output as a graphic artist. The theme for 2011 was ‘Crisis’).

I found Robert a friendly knowledgeable artist who gave a frank and honest insight into the struggle he has had to establish himself as an artist and writer. I found the work he displayed creative and original.


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