Artist Adam Dembski-Bowden took his masters degree at Slade although his account of the experience is somewhat controversial as he managed to have part of his exhibit show censored.

This follows his character trait of challenging values of privacy and stereotypes. Having been told he can’t have an opinion on feminism because of being male, he created ‘Nelly’ a pseudo female character in a garish black costume so he could identify with female life. He took this one stage further by sitting in a bath, in costume, on a video chat site and recorded the reactions of the people watching him. Much to his surprise one male viewer found ‘Nelly’ sexually appealing enough to masturbate.

His other source of inspiration is his Grandmother who suffers from advanced dementia. Her conversation is somewhat stilted and as a means of identifying her struggle he noted these comments and then manufactured cut up portraits of her in arrangements Lady gaga would like. He called the work ‘Grandmother going Gaga’.


Adam states his art is reactive, even to the point of control, in that he orchestrates a scenario and then films the reactions of those taking part. The interaction of the participants involved and their displayed reactions being the dynamic which he wishes to experience most. Some reactions were most genuine especially a group of actors who he hired to re enact a porn movie with the usual roles reversed (i.e. females in control).

His work is challenging, almost aggressive in its bombardment of the senses and its non con-formative approach. He regularly questions whether his art is actually art but takes pleasure in the conflict created.




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