A new skill for was screen printing and I was a complete novice in this. We were asked to submit images for the session in advance with a view to an acetate being created that was then used to project our photographs onto a silk screen. The screen was coated with a light sensitive emulsion and with the acetate image laid on it ultra violet light was exposed to it. Areas of the image that were light then hardened in the silk screen thus would prevent the paint  from passing to the paper when printed.

KFC 1 blog

Once the screen had been exposed to the UV light, the screen was washed to remove the areas of the emulsion that weren’t hardened. Once dry the screen was ready for printing.

The silk screen frame was then placed on the print desk and clamped into position. Using parcel tape the area around the image was isolated so that the paint wouldn’t bleed around the image to the edges.

IMGA0642 blog

As my image was a test cut up of a KFC restaurant I chose red as my first colour. The frame was raised while the acrylic paint was spread in an even layer across the bottom of the image and then using a large spreading tool the paint was dragged across the screen to ‘charge the screen’. The paper was then placed underneath the screen and the frame lowered so that with pressure the screen would come into contact with the paper. One slow pressured movement of the spread tool across the screen applying as much weight as possible transferred the paint to the paper printing the image.

IMGA0648 KFC blog


The technique was fairly straight forward to master but due to my sparse knowledge of screen printing prior to the session my results were at best ill prepared. A further session would be need by me to fully explore this process objectively and creatively.


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