This mostly appropriated film attempts to document the troubled country Afghanistan. It passes comment on the decisions taken by the western countries intervention and the consequences that these decisions led to. From the building of the Helmand Dam by the Americans in the 1950’s this ethnically splintered country and its power struggles have manipulated the West and begs the question ‘why did we stay so long?’

Far from solving the problems in this war torn country the Americans and the UK have mis understood what really was going on (according to Curtis) and if anything have made the problems much much worse.

I watched this 2 hour film with initial interest having never heard that the American Dam’s effect actually made the ideal conditions for Heroin poppies to grow and thus escalated the drug trade far beyond its meagre pre dam limits.

There were though several occasions where I wondered how much of the video shown was real and how much was genuinely the incident being portrayed. The power of the film maker and editor to convey their own opinion in the manipulation of the footage means that the viewer must have blind trust that the film is an ‘accurate’ report of the country. For some inexplicable reason I was left with the feeling that this film was not as accurate as it claimed to be and that assumptions and extra unrelated footage had been added where facts and factual footage had been missing.



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