The subject of this film is not for the feint hearted.

The seedy world of pornography and our perceptions of it, are graphically explored in this film.

Take a bunch of naive sex starved testosterone fuelled young males and ask them their sexual fantasies. Then introduce them to hardened and very experienced professional female porn stars allowing one male ‘apprentice’ porn star to choose his sexual partner and then we watch as his individual fantasies are fulfilled.

The voyeuristic nature of this film challenges the values of most people as it bombards the senses with sexual imagery whilst alleging it is an artistic study of human perceptions and reality. My overall impression of this film is that it’s a ‘dressed up’ porn film, in other words its just pure gratuitous sex with an art label.

The overwhelming feelings I had watching this were of sadness in that the porn star was both a victim and a victor. By that I mean that she was the controlling element in the way the incident developed in the film, however an overview of her life, revealed during a brief interview, showed she was as much trapped by her trade as the male was with his uncontrollable desire to have his fantasies filled by any means.

Not to my taste.



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