Nothing happens in this world without money, and ‘money makes the world go round’ as the old song goes. Our creative enterprise venture needed some funds to make it happen and we decided that the best way to achieve this was to run a small cafe at the Alexon. The venture was badly needed as there wasn’t anywhere in our new building to obtain tea and coffee so on that basis we felt it was a good move.

We called it ‘Le Cafe Photo’ and with an initial investment of £40 we could offer coffee classic, expresso or americano, tea, diet cola, hot chocolate, orange juice, porridge, and Kit Kats. After speaking to Colin (Head of the Art faculty) we put ourselves in the small room by the front entrance. Thus we could tap into the traffic of people as they arrived.

Poster E

We were obliged to carryout a risk assessment which was fairly simple to do and with my donation of a kettle and some paper cups by my mother in law all we needed was a supply of water. This was solved with a large camping water carrier which we filled up once a day. With a fresh supply of milk every two days, paid for from the money we raised, and some plastic tea spoons, we were set.


Initially trade was slow but as the word spread we began to have a steady flow of sales, enough that we had to obtain more cups, coffee and our best selling item, Kit Kats by the second week.


We ran the cafe every day we were able from 0900 to 1700 taking turns with mostly two on duty but occasionally just one. It has to be said though not all the team volunteered for every session, so generally there were only three of us running the cafe. When all four were there we took the opportunity to discuss other aspects of the exhibition brief and from this we designed the show advertising posters and came up with a name for the exhibition.

In total we made just over £100 profit in two weeks.


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