The last few weeks have seen the Inglorious Artists, as we call ourselves, beavering away putting together an exhibition to be proud of. Our venue, the Galaxy Centre, Luton, have been gracious hosts with both Bashir and Moses offering us access at any time to plan out and prepare for the show. The rooms available to us were generous and we were all excited about the show.

Poster logo sml

We had secured a sponsor, Leighton Buzzard Brewery who had agreed to donate some beer for our opening night.

With risk assessments done, public liability insurance purchased, advertising posters printed and distributed, prints ordered, brochure written, plan drawn and CCTV installed we cleaned the rooms we were using ready to hang our work.

At 4.00pm on Friday (show due to be open on Monday) we were informed that there was a complication and that the exhibition could not go on. The owners are concerned that the licence for the site (its a bingo hall) may prevent us from using it. Their legal teams were working to clarify this. Until the ‘all clear’ is given we cannot proceed.

A crushing blow to our plans and beyond our control. We await the Galaxy management’s decision on whether we can proceed.


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