The skill of drawing is in my opinion all about the art of seeing. Picasso’s strange looking images were his attempt to view a person from all the best view points all at the same time. The art of accurate life like drawing is to co-ordinate hand to eye so what the eye sees the hand draws. This is singularly one of the most difficult drawing skills to master and became the focus of one of our skill set lessons.

Placing a sheet of paper on a drawing board and then drawing our class mates posing for us without looking at the paper sounds crazy. The eye focusses on the outline of the face but without being able to see the paper you really don’t have any idea what you are drawing. The exercise lasts a few minutes then when all sketching is completed only then could we look at what we had created. Its safe to say the images were very subjective and bore very little resemblance to the subject.

Once one drawing was finished a new person sat in front of us and we repeated the exercise. Over the space of  an hour we ‘drew’ all our classmates and in turn were also drawn.

On reflection the images had their own child like charm and some had personality. By that I mean the image whilst being a distorted representation of a person still looked like a person, again more akin to Picasso’s Demoiselles D’Avignon painting.

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

Blog IMGA0374 Blog IMGA0375 Blog IMGA0379 Blog IMGA0380

A further exercise on another session was to create a line drawing using old Argos catalogues and a sheet of carbon paper. By flicking through the catalogue to find suitable modern artefacts we envisioned a future rubbish dump full of things you could actually buy today. This was achieved by choosing lots of different items from the catalogue one by one, then using a biro to drawing around the chosen shape, with the carbon paper underneath instantly transferring the trace to the plain paper beneath. The result was a layered drawing with objects overlaid on other objects offering a confusion of views and adding to the overall sense of a refuse tip.






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