Shooting the Fashion departments student efforts in garment making is not part of our course. As photographers who know their way around a studio we were targeted by the sweet talking fashion students who somehow manage to persuade us to help them record their work.

This is time consuming work when there are lots of other things we could be doing in relation to our own studies and to add to this moment of madness, myself and Arthur agreed to do this shoot for free.

One shoot led to another and then another and then another. Thankfully the garments were spaced 20 -30 minutes apart which gave us valuable blogging time to catch up on our own work.

Starting with the second year we shot a series of dressed manikins.



This was followed a week or so later by a full shoot for two 3rd year students with models.

_DSC4607      _DSC5029



The photography was fun to do if a little repetitive. The set was a basic white background with 4 studio units fitted with soft boxes. Two guns at the front to illuminate the models, two at the rear to illuminate the back drop. A two stop difference between the front two and the rear two so that the background would bleach slightly.

The photos were then given to the students to process and print and were used in their own exhibition to illustrate their work.


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