ITC or to give it its full title INSTRUMENTAL TRANS COMMUNICATION was a method employed by Ghost Investigators in the period 2000 – 2010. It involves the use of a television and a video camera.

The theory behind this unusual approach is that any TV will receive ‘galaxy’ background radiation which is displayed on the TV screen, if no ariel or receiver is connected, as a ‘snowy hiss’ . This ‘snow static’ radiation originates from the galaxy all around us but unlike a manufactured TV signal which carries images and sound the static has no structure and thus appears as a ‘snow storm’ accompanied by a ‘hiss’ from the speakers.

Some ghost hunters believe that this same ‘snowy’ universe radiation is interfered with locally by ghosts and that the ‘face’ of a ghost can be seen in the static.

Some examples of the alleged ghostly images can be seen below.



The technique is quite simple. Turn on the TV (in a haunted location) allowing the screen to display just the background static (the ‘snowy’ image described above). Point a video camera at the screen and record for 10 seconds. Load the footage into an editing programme and examine the footage frame by frame. Screen grab any faces you see in the static…..

Do you believe they are ghosts?


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